Agmark Registration

AGMARK Registration in india:-

Agmark registration in india is a certification mark agmark registration in india on the horticultural and agricultural products under the government of india agmark registration in india which ensures the quality of the product. Agmark in india is mark certified by the government of india under the act 1937 and an amendment in 1987 ensures the standards and good quality of the product. AGMARK in india includes all articles agmark registration in india of drink and food manufactured from the same produces, all agmark registration in india agricultural and horticultural products, fleeces and skin of animals. Agmark standards in india includes cereals, pulses, agmark registration in india vegetable oil  and other semi processed goods, the total commodities covered under Agmark standards is 213.



Name Of The Group

Number Of Commodities Notified

1.Fruits and vegetables51
2.Edible Nuts8
3.Oil Seeds17
4.Food grain and allied products30
5.Spices and condiments27
6.Vegetable oils and fats19
7.Oil cakes8
8.Essential oils8
9.Fibre crops5
10.Livestock, dairy and poultry products10
11.Other products30

The standard of Agmark Registration in india includes 213 commodities in total including cereals, pulses and other semi processed goods.


  • A copy of test report which is duly authenticated, from independent AGMARK recognized laboratory.
  • If the applicant is a company, then the memorandum of association.
  • There should be Document which is authenticating the establishment of the firm, such as Registration by Company Registrar
  • If the applicant is a partnership firm, then they have to submit their partnership deed which is a written document containing ruled and regulations of the partnership.
  • Name of the products for which the company wants AGMARK standardization.
  • Name of the applicant should also be mentioned.
  • Name of the Firm or the Company.
  • Address of the Firm or the Company.
  • Product sample should also be submitted in small sachets.
  • Total gross product in K.g. for last year should also be mentioned.
  • Turnover of last year of the company.

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