Organic Certification

organic certification in india

Organic Certification in India:-

Organic certification in India is issued by USDA. Organic Certification in India is needed for organic cultivation. It is applicable to all the business dealing with  farmers, seeds, fruits and more.  gives credibility to organic products.

Why Organic Certification in India?

Organic certification in India assures that product standard has been confirmed by USDA. In order to carry the organic label, the certification should be given by the US law and other countries. Market for organic products is increasing day by day because of its health properties and it is the category of the product which is free from preservatives and toxic substances which do not cause any harm to any individual.


Becoming An Certified Organic Help Handlers And Producers As:

1) Access to fast local, regional and international markets.

2) Support local enemies.

3) Receive pemium price for their products.

4) Access technical assistance.

5) Access additional funding.


Surveys And Researches Shows That Farming Related To Organic Practices:

1) Increase biodiversity.

2) Conserve energy.

3) Improve water quality.

4) Contribute to soil health.

USDA approved  is offered to the farmers, and other business owners related to agriculture and cultivation.

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