Copyright Registration

Copyright Registration in India:-

Copyright Registration in India refers to the copyright registration in india intellectual or authentication rights through which no one can use your personal work such as computer programming, dramatics, recordings, write-ups, artistic etc without the permission of the authorized person or the person who creates that. Depending upon the work performed, slight variations can be observed on the rights. According to copyright registration in india the legal law, copyright refers other rights like translation, adaptation, communication and reproduction of work. We at Jcs Certifications provide Copyright Registration Service in India to maintain authenticity in the work.

Other moral rights that an author or creator can enjoy are:-


⦁ An author may claim authorship for published or exhibited work under the right of paternity
⦁ A creator may decide where to publish and where not under the right of publication
⦁ An author or creator may take necessary preventive actions in case of image or reputation loss under the right of  integrity.

What can be COPYRIGHTED??
Any musician, author, creator, painter, producer or any organization can apply for the copyright registration in India to protect themselves from any mischief.

Documents Required For Copyright Registration In India:-
For Copyright Registration, An Applicant Must Have The Following Documents…


1. Nature of interest of the work of the applicants.

2. Four copies of the artwork.

3. Applicants details of name, address and nationality proof.

4. Power of attorney on Indian stamps paper.

5. Work title.

6. Authors details and death certificate in case of the death of the author.

7. First Publication date, place, publishers name, etc.

8. NOC from the trademarks registry

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